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Trafford YFC is part of the nationwide organisation, Youth for Christ and as such it’s mission statement is to “take the good news relevantly to every young person in Trafford”.

Set up in 1981 by local churches in the area, Trafford YFC has since established itself in many of the local schools, developed partnerships with local churches and enabled thousands of young people the opportunity to hear about Christ.

Young people are crying out for something, not realising that it’s Jesus they need in their lives.  Christianity offers one simple choice that becomes life changing and that is a life following Christ.  Going into schools, Trafford YFC is on the frontline, and it’s team is seeing the struggles these young people are going through.  We are able to meet teenagers in schools on a regular basis and, through a range of lessons, lunch clubs, retreats, events and mission weeks, can share our beliefs and our faith in a relevant and exciting way.

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