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Want to help raise funds but not in a place where you can commit to sending a donation, or setting up a Standing Order? – Never fear!

You can easily set up an EasyFundraising account and each time you search via EasySearch, or buy anything online via EasyFundraising, Trafford YFC will benefit.  How great is that!

easysearch-logo (1)Basically, companies pay EasyFundraising for advertising space, and if you buy their products using the links on the site, they share some of the fee with us.

One of our existing EasyFundraising supporters had this to say:  “It’s great being able to see how much you’ve raised and gives a sense of competition between other supporters.  There’s even ways to raise extra money without having to buy anything.”

So, next time you’re buying your groceries online, looking up (or booking) a holiday, or ordering a gift for someone (or even yourself), do so via and you can help us reach more young people in Trafford with the Gospel.