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Our resources can be used within a church youth group but can also be adapted for use within a school lunch club or Christian Union.  Material is written specifically with busy youth leaders and teachers in mind and provides games, talks, discussion themes etc. to use so as to help those with limited time.  However, the material isn’t designed to be used exactly as you find it and allows for group leaders to tailor the sessions to the individual group’s needs.

TriVolle LogosTRIVOLLE (ok, so this isn’t written material, but is a great resource) is a new two-on-two sport that has come over from the USA, and is essentially a more inclusive version of Beach Volleyball, the main difference being that instead of hitting the ball over a net, you bounce it off a net.  It’s really easy to play, even for a beginner, and great fun.  As it’s a non-aggressive sport, anyone can have a go and do well.  It’s not just for the athletes and sport-nuts.  If you’d like to have a go, then we have some sets that are available to youthgroups.  We are hiring sets out for £7 for a day, or £25 for a week (once a week for 7 weeks).  For £50, you can even buy your own set for keeps.  If you’re interested in hiring or buying a set, or want to know more about how to play the sport, please do get in touch with the office.

Resources RSROCK SOLID is an amazing evangelistic resource that equips you with the ideas and structures to regularly provide a fun environment in which you  communicate the good news of Jesus in a creative and relevant way.  Hundreds of churches use Rock Solid and its combination of games, interactive activities, discussions, short talks, media and more to see transformation in the lives of 11-14s as they encounter God.

Resources L

LUMEN is the ultimate discipleship resource for 11-14s.  Its heart is to help young people not just survive as Christians but to thrive, go deep in their growing relationship with God and inspire them to be active in changing the world around them.  Lumen is lively and engaging, exploring Christian teaching through a combination of games, interactive activities, discussions, punchy Bible studies and prayer activities.Hundreds of churches use Lumen in a Sunday morning setting, youth house groups or Christian Unions.  It is innovatively designed to take the discipleship of young people to the next level.  Lumen is the measurement of light and we believe this generation can shine!

Resources M

METTLE is a ground-breaking resource for 14-18s.  Mettle means courage, spirit and character and the resource exists to build these characteristics in the lives of older teenagers.  Mettle is about giving young people the foundations for the rest of their lives, covering the fundamental truths of the Bible and exploring the most relevant issues in an ever-changing world.  But it is also about inspiring and equipping them to change the world.  Mettle recognises that we learn to be disciples of Jesus by doing what Jesus does and challenges young people to make a difference in the lives of their friends by being good news and sharing good news with them.

To set up ROCK SOLID, LUMEN or METTLE in your area, visit the YFC Resources site, and start to create your free account.

romance academy2

ROMANCE ACADEMY is a 6-12 week course that helps young people think through the decisions they make regarding sex and relationships.  The team will come and deliver each session and work alongside leaders or teachers in facilitating discussion around these tough topics.


FREEDOM IN CHRIST is an excellent accompaniment to Lumen and Mettle and tackles three major issues for Christian young people:

Identity: In a world that tells young people that they have to look and act a certain way to be loved, Freedom in Christ for Young People helps connect young people to God’s mind-blowing truth that they are his masterpiece and he loves them as his children.

Breaking free: It teaches young people how to turn away from the rubbish that holds them back and be set free by God’s truth.

Responsibility: It encourages young people to take responsibility for their relationship with Jesus.

alphafbALPHA is an incredible way of helping young people explore the meaning of life.  Involving food, fun, discussion and fast moving talky bits, we highly recommend Alpha for young people alongside Rock Solid, Lumen or Mettle, and now with the new Film Series, it’s never been easier to get involved.


ETHOS is a series of ground-breaking short films, available to watch free on this site and YouTube, that speak creatively and authentically into the issues.  Ethos exists to help address the needs specific to this generation of young adults; to help inspire, stir, challenge and ignite discussion amongst so called generation Y.  Why not take a look, get involved, and share in our passion and heart to see real change amongst Britain’s young adults?

art of connecting2

THE ART OF CONNECTING is a course that helps young people get used to telling their own story of how Jesus changed their life!


UPRISING has been running since 2009 and exists to equip and encourage young people in Manchester to raise up a new generation for God.  Trafford YFC have been working alongside the local youth leaders in the area with this joint venture.  We are excited that this event has become a partnership between churches across the area and is giving young people an opportunity to meet others who share their faith.  Uprising is split into three streams, listed below:

‘Uprising:Worship’ is for young people of all ages and all churches to come together and meet with God, to worship Him, and to pray for each other and their communities.  It is a space for young people to explore the gifts God has given them and to build in confidence as they step out leading each other in worship, teaching and prayer.  Each event sees between 80-100 young people gather together and meet with God.

‘Uprising:On The Streets’ is an event dreamed up by young people from across Trafford, and supported by their churches and youth leaders. It is an annual event that sees young people from churches across the borough join together and go out into their local town to share the Gospel through practical, hands on projects, street clean up and acts of kindness.

‘Uprising:Schools’ is the newest stream of Uprising, introduced in 2013, and builds on the foundations Uprising:Worship has put in place.  It is designed to go deeper with young people who want to reach out the their peers by providing space to explore practical ways to share their faith in their school communities.