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schoolswork2Trafford YFC regularly visits around 10 of the 19 secondary schools in the area and in an average year we can take up to 250 lessons with nearly 3500 young people.  Our work in schools usually takes the form of lessons and we cover a variety of topics in Religious Education, Citizenship and PHSE.  Our lessons range from “Fact, Faith and Belief” and “The Life of Jesus” to “Moral Issues” and “Faith in Action”.  All our lessons fall in line with the National Curriculum and are fully interactive, involving the young people as much as possible.  We work with the staff to ensure the lesson we present is the most suitable for that class and try to tailor our presentation style and content to the individual needs of the group.  We are also open to the possibilities of working ‘off-timetable’ with schools, which offers the students more time to work with the team and get much more from the visit.

As well as lessons, Trafford YFC is also available for assemblies, lunch clubs and retreats.  If you would like to learn more of the work we do in schools please visit the Arena page by clicking here.

You can download our Arena Prospectus by clicking here.  Please get in contact if you wish to discuss any of the lessons in more detail by clicking here.